Creative Habit Final Week


It’s been a very long week for me. With the end of the year speeding toward the finish line it’s been harder and harder to find time to draw these. I missed a few days due to massive deadlines and as much as I wanted to get better I wish I spent more days doing this.

The good news however is that I can tell I have definitely gotten better then when I started. I had been so scared to mess up I couldn’t draw confident lines on the paper and ended up with a lot of unfinished frustrating work. I hated it and I hated the project for it.


The second week was a whole different story. I had moved into a different medium and it was a new territory for both the subject and the tools. I had no idea where to start but it was so much fun learning how to digital paint and learning to love drawing the human figure. As long as I picked a fun subject for myself I could find a way to make the habit enjoyable for myself. It was strange because in one or two days I had found a new way to paint or a new way to do the face. It was crazy for me to see the improvement.


Third week was ok. I was still going along doing my thing with not much difference of subject or style. I tried to do them quicker in a challenge to myself and just so I could combat the force of finals that were around the corner. The thing I learned in this week is that I could paint in my own style. I wasn’t chained to the pictures I looked at. I did my own work and I was pretty proud of that.

And here’s a few of my favorites from the last week. I did the landscape challenge for my first day and I quickly learned that I can draw landscapes but I sure as hell can’t paint them. I guess that should be another habit of mine for later. Another day I tried a different style and seeing Adam’s Aang from Avatar I just had to draw the kid. It was fun painting in a simpler style and I will use this later on because it’s very relaxing and overall fun to do. Then I had another model just to gauge how much I had come along in the project. I’m super proud of my results actually. It sort of turned from a human only habit but morphed into more than that. It was also about learning to paint which is huge for me. I’ve always wanted both of these and spending my days doing nothing but improving was good for me.

Also the last day I painted a dog just to see how my painting animals would turn out. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to use it. (Also I might of gone over the time limit a bit for him….)

Thanks for checking this out! Have a good summer.


Creative Habit Week 3

This week was even more hectic than the last. With finals eating away at my free time it’s hard to factor in any time for anything let alone set aside a day for more art than I already do. This week it seems to be more of the same and I wish I could of gotten more creative. While each painting took less time and I was churning them out each day I wonder what this could be leading to.

This week I was focusing more on the painting and my ability than copying the picture. I noticed I’m getting faster with painting in general which is good for me but I wish I spent more time on a couple of them in the end. Looking at them all together I can see the one that turned out the best was the woman from The Hateful 8 I drew on Tuesday. I just like how sketchy it is while still keeping a set form that looks aesthetically pleasing. Another day I tried to try more of my style in the painting when I drew a character from the video game Silent Hill. The style is noticeably different from the rest but I still think my style is pretty realistic in in the grand scheme of it all.

Challenge day was a pain. I started drawing with pencil hoping to get around some of the major hurdles I have and just sketch the model first so I could go in and shade with whatever I wanted. I ended up choosing watercolors but honestly had no idea what technique I should of been using. I slapped a sort of wash on it to make it less white and then tried to go from there. I was never able to get a good contrast¬†from any lines and it sort of turned into this washed out blurry mess. In the end it was probably good of me to try it but I can’t say this experience made me a fan of watercolor.

Watching the Bill Cunningham documentary on Tuesday was actually interesting to see even though it didn’t really relate to my creative habit. It was so surreal seeing a man do the same thing for so long that he neglected everything else in his life. It puts a new perspective on giving everything to your art, he had no close friends, family, or other hobbies. He was completely consumed. Also I understand he was happy but there’s something to it that I find so hard to believe. The love of the art so strong that everything else suffers. He might not call it that but I don’t think I could be that involved in my art.

Creative Habit Week 2

This week was all about painting! I loaded up photoshop and just image searched a bunch of my favorite actors or actresses at the random time but I think my result is good. It was rocky at first as I tried to not think too hard about how they were turning out. The first one I did was Noomi Rapace from some random movie still I found of her. I spent so long trying to pin point every detail on her and paint it but I just wasn’t getting where I wanted to be with this exercise. It took awhile to actually understand how people go about starting a painting. What I did initially was sketch up some lines and drew over them which after my first two paintings I realized was eating a lot out of my hour. The second day I reffed a screen cap from the show Hannibal. I spent the whole hour on that one and I think I’m the most happy with this sketch.

I looked at the processes of other famous painting artists like J.C. Leyendecker with his crisp clean painting style and Norman Rockwell. I saw the painting on the right actually in the Museum on Tuesday and I was impressed how sketchy his style is while having a great sense of realism. His process is well documented with tons of reference images he used all over the web. His painting sketches are harder to find but I found tons of pencil drawings. Leyendecker on the other hand has many simple painted sketches. His style is more clean and crisp and the way he blocks out shapes is easy to see. I want to take a page from Leyendecker’s simple shapes but Rockwell’s sketchy painting style. I’m very torn which to pull from.

The third one was on Sunday when I was waiting for Game of Thrones and painted my favorite side character. My painting was the cleanest in this one. I’m not too happy with the mouth area but I had to stop at the hour mark. The fourth one was the picture I spent the least amount of time on. I only spent up to 30 minutes on this one, it’s a screen cap from Breaking Bad. The last one was honestly one I wanted to clean up the most. I was in such a good rhythm that I barely noticed an hour had gone by. A lot of the time was spend fixing the face because for some reason I had the toughest time on her face. She’s from the Uncharted 4 game trailer and I just really wanted to draw her.

I have no idea what subject I’ll do next week but I do see improvement which is a good sign.

Creative Habit Week 1

This week was hard. It was strange to set aside more time to draw MORE than I usually do. This means I mostly just drew this instead of things I wanted to at night. I’m not the one for keeping up with habits so this was another challenge for me. I would often remember so late in the day it was a struggle to bring myself to do it. I’m getting better at remembering I think, I only failed one day and I think that’s an ok starting point for this project.

This week I focused on a a website called for most of my figure drawing. It was a handy website that just had a bunch of stock of a single woman in may poses to choose from. As I started my drawings i noticed some issues I have are in the torsos. I never really got the hang of drawing upright torsos and human necks so I was constantly erasing and restarting. It went ok after many failed attempts and you can see my final result up top.

The second day I found myself watching a cutscene¬†compilation of a video game on youtube and decided if I’m gonna force myself into something it might as well be something I would enjoy drawing. I took a few characters from out of the game and drew them as a warm up and then as I finished the third I wanted to warm down with a more cartoon-ish style more like my own. These characters are from the game Metal Gear Solid V.

Third day was more posespace on the web. I drew these a tad quicker this time but it still was like pulling teeth to get me to do them. I noticed that every time I draw the head by the time I get to the limbs and torso the head is too small for the body and I can’t figure out how that happens. O well to day 4.

Day four was strange. It started as a couple of doodles of various things and then I found myself wanting to draw dancing. So I pulled up the goofy Shakira video Whenever, Wherever and drew whatever strange dance moves she did. I had fun with this because I tried to be more loose with the forms to mimic the dancing. I think I semi succeeded. More to come.

Creative Habit Concept

Finally time for a new project! The new concept I have to work with is the creative habit; it simply means that it’s something that you set aside time to do every day. It doesn’t have to take too long just as long as you do it you’re helping your cause.

My idea was to improve on my human drawing skills. As you can see looking back into my blog and my portfolio I’m more than comfortable drawing any sort of animal that I attempt. Not all animals come naturally to me but with a couple tries I learn something new when I attempt them and can just build off of that. Now when drawing people I hit a brand new kind of road block. I know what people look like, I have a human body, and I draw them every blue moon but when I start a new project that requires people it takes me eons to draw them. I feel like it’s because I’ve been getting so good at animals that I feel like I should be better at humans in comparison by now.

My creative habit will to be doing a series of cafe sketches daily. I’ll go out each day and draw people and week to week I’ll have a new twists on the assignment. The first week I could draw from a model website, the second week is out in public or campus, and with the final week I could do a number of things like designing new human characters or sketching in public with pen.

I really hope this helps me in the long run because I’m really sick of not drawing people. Hopefully I can improve soon.

Fauxprah Final

So as the last of this project comes to a close we finally have something to show for it. This project has been a steep uphill climb for everyone involved. We started with what with the group thought was a solid concept: a fake over the top Oprah video that would comment on societies ridiculous pedestal for anything that’s considered important and famous to the point of self harm. We had the design from the start so there was no need to waste time deliberating what it would be.

When we split up I volunteered for Head of Materials just so we wouldn’t get behind immediately. I would be in charge of making sure we found a way to construct the head headphones and made sure all the physical effects would be ready for the filming date. I wanted to be the lead because I didn’t want to be in a group that dropped the ball within days of starting and I knew I could keep track of this easily. I also researched for ways on making the headphones faster and more streamlined.


I talked about this process of 3D printing the spikes for the project but by the time I had signed up for the lab date we had did the math for how many spikes we would need in the end. We ended up needing 50 or so spikes for the video and 10 headphones. This would require a lot of lab time and many hours for the printing time. The lab wasn’t too keen on the amount of resources we wanted to take and Ehron and his division of the materials group had an idea of making the spikes cheaper. We bought dollar headphones that we could spray paint black at a later date. Josie and Ehron had an idea of melding the spikes by pouring hot glue into cake topping top. It didn’t work out too well so we ended up making paper spikes and pouring the glue in. We had a good flow and made them all in one day and Corrie and Olivia sprayed the physical headphones.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.56.06 PM

Everything was ready for the filming and the day went pretty smoothly. I had to act in the video due to not too many extras came in on a Saturday at 9 am in the morning… We were done with most of the scenes by 4PM and Josie and the others filmed the part with “Fauxprah” after everyone was allowed to leave. Then class came around and we got straight to editing. My job as Head of Material was over and I moved on to the general video crew. I had the most experience in Premiere so I had the task of editing all the raw footage into manageable clips to be used. After I started that we were told to scrap a lot of the project and a lot of the work I had to do ended up being scrapped. After that we had a new idea and there was the filming of more interview scenes and behind the scenes parts and I was asked to do simple Premiere effects such as editing and green screen work. After we had the whole video done I was asked to speak about my experience on the project for the documentary video. I gave my honest answer not hating it but was pretty happy with what we went through and what we got in the end. That should be it for this project now and it’s off to the newest challenge.

-Miranda Long

Fauxprah Update #4

Well I’m back, with spring break being last week it really put a hitch in our planning and work flow. It added extra stress with the lack of direction we really had since changing the idea, for now I’ll just keep editing down clips and assembling big chunks into video format. I was given some work on Tuesday to edit some green screen footage for the Fauxprah footage. It was a new actor and he was in front of a screen and I did some simple chroma key work in Premiere Pro. I also played with colors and saturation in the clips to try to blend all the characters together to look like it was filmed in the same place. Corrie was on the side working on dramatic flavor text and snippets you’d see on one of those reality tv shows.

Production on my side has really died down this week as our filming group works on assembling more footage for the final, and the animation team is working on animating cheesy blood for all the shots. I don’t have quite as much to sort through as I did previously. I’m just chugging along as much as I can edit. Will probably have more to update next week as we fly into the final countdown of days.

Fauxprah Update #3

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.56.06 PM.png

In the past few days my job as materials boss was to construct the headphones and make sure they were all ready to shoot with. Our group divided up the construction of the headphones. Olivia and Corrie went off to spray paint the base of the headphones black. The rest of the team and myself tried to find the best way to create the spikes. We tried to pour hot glue into cake design tips and they hardened into an unusable rock. Adam suggested we roll up paper and spray paint it, I suggested we pour glue into the paper spikes instead. So after about 50 spikes later and a couple of glue gun blisters we have a good number to attach. The group assembles them on Friday and Saturday it was the final day.

This weekend was the big one. We all gathered at 10 AM in the Canzani auditorium for filming. Everyone had donuts and orange juice to wake them up. Adam was on the stage designing the logo and people helped set up chairs and tables for when our Fauxprah showed up. We pulled up the story boards and the group and the actors we have gathered up to shoot. The next couple of hours was full of special effects make up and shooting our different scenes one after another. It was a steady work flow and all the filming without Fauxprah was done by 3 PM. Our head of filming and a couple others stayed behind and had film troubles with our scheduled Fauxprah so Josie’s mom was kind enough to help us out.

On Tuesday we gathered around Corrie’s laptop to start editing. The materials group was dissolved into the editing and animation group and I was good at Premiere so I took up editing through the 60 or so clips we had accumulated though out the weekend. About halfway through the editing I was told to stop. We had to revamp our project. Nothing we had was usable I learned a little too late. So now our project has to adapt. Adam and Josie are hard at work to make their Crime Show video work. I have faith in them, they’ve dragged half this group this far hopefully we can whip the rest of it into good shape.

Fauxprah Project #2

This week was very hectic and it was mostly about assembling the materials for the video. As head of materials we had to sit down on thursday and decide what we would need to create a believable set of headphones but at the same time they needed to be cheap. We had no budget coming into this project and that was both surprising and challenging as we had to think of ways to work about a balance of $0.00.

We had the idea to make one good pair of headphones and the others cheaper and easier to damage. The first pair would have the best look and be used in the fake commercial we’d be making for the beginning of the video. They would be make from (hopefully) 3D printed spikes and the same type of headphones all the others were modeled after. The rest would be rolled up paper that would be spray painted to look as if they were metal. Materials would be bought from several dollar stores and Micheal’s locations around town to create what we think will be good looking products.


Fauxprah Project #1

3d-printingWell the project was chosen and I’ve selected to be in the parody Oprah video. This project is all about creating a product and having an audience go wild for it as you would see people in an Oprah give away do.

I volunteered to be head of materials because I really wanted to try my hand at organizing an entire project. I also had the idea to 3D print most things we’ll need for the project. I’m a 3D animator so I’d like to expand my knowledge on how this works and it should be pretty easy for me to create things in Maya or 3Ds Max so any spikes we make should be nice and light. They would be made here at school and hopefully it won’t be too hard to get hold of the machine given I’ve used it for a project last year. All we really needed was teacher permission and a signed slip from the lab.

The process of 3D printing can be confusing but I’ll try to break it down as well as I can. Firstly you need to make a model using any software you choose. They call it a really complicated name for a model which is just called CAD (Computer Aided Design). It must be an STL file (which I’m still not sure how to make or what that is) and then it is sent to a program to be scanned for errors such as holes in the model or overlapping of faces. It is then “sliced” in the program and made into layers to be printed. The file is then printed, this process can take up several hours to several days. The spikes we want to print shouldn’t take too long since they’re very simple shapes and not as complex as the stone dragon model above. The end result should be firm but soft enough to not gore anyone who needs to use it for the video and will be having it thrown to them from Oprah herself.

Jose and Olivia suggested Wednesday I should research Polymorph plastic to use. It’s apparently some type of putty that you boil and heat to a high temperature and then it tuns into a malleable paste that you have some time to mold into what you want. It then is dunked into water and hardens into a permanent shape. This sounded good when I heard it off hand but as I researched I found materials for it was pretty expensive and since we have no budget I tried to find a way around that. There was one website I found where you could make your own off brand polymorph plastic out of those hot glue gun glue sticks. You have to heat them in a pot about 60 or so degrees and they should melt into a sticky paste that should act live the plastic we need.

Any more things we need would need to be discussed with the group because I didn’t want to get my heart set on one method and do too much research on it and then throw it out.